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What Project 555 is reading

CNN: “NJ to Adopt Mail-in Voting for November, Governor Says” “U.S. Postal Service Says it Can’t Guarantee All N.J. Mail-in Ballots Will be Delivered on Time”
Insider NJ: “Warren County Freeholders Oppose Exclusive Use of Vote By Mail”
CNN: “City Councilman Among 4 Facing Voter Fraud Charges in New Jersey”
NY Times: “How Mail-In Voting Works”











What Project 555 is viewing

Firedrill Friday with Jane Fonda: E.D. of Advancement Project Discusses Voter Suppression
“How Voting by Mail Could Save the US Election”
The Daily Show: “Who Did the 19th Amendment Really Give Voting Rights to?”
USA Today: “Election 2020: Longer Voting Lines May be a Sign of Voter Suppression”
CBS: “America Marks 100 Years of Voting Rights for Women”











know your rights!

NJ Voter’s Bill of Rights
General Election Timeline: Key Dates

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