Video Committee

We want to share a film featuring testimonials of why people think voting is important and/or what their first experience voting was like. Testimonials will be from Rutgers – Camden students and will be initially shot at their respective homes using their own mobile devices. Since the Voter registration deadline and elections are both fast approaching, we are looking to have our first polished video completed by September 15th. To meet this end, we are looking to form a sub-committee composed of the positions written below. Each participating member should be expected to invest 5 hours/week at minimum with the exception of the miscellaneous positions.

** We are looking to make this video have a “home-y”/ “DIY” feel, but with professional flow and editing **

*** This will be a great opportunity to meet new people who are similarly passionate about voting and filmmaking while also adding a few lines to your resume :) ! ***


1) Director – will work in collaboration with the following positions to ensure the quality and success of this video: scriptwriter, sound editor, editor, and testimonial volunteer. You’ll be responsible for making sure the different components as well as the vision of this film all fit together.
2) Producer – will handle the more administrative tasks for this film. Planning/running meetings, keeping everyone on track with a timeline, making sure everyone has the information that they need, etc.
3) Editor – will ensure the visual quality of the video by editing all visual aspects using professional software
4) Sound Editor – to edit and refine the video’s sound including the voice testimonials and narration using professional software
5) Scriptwriter – will be working directly with the testimonial volunteers to edit and refine their stories in a way that flows well for better viewership
7) Miscellaneous positions – looking to help out, but cannot commit to 5 hrs/week or more? We are also seeking two creative individuals who can provide their insight and help with any of the above positions if and as needed!